CSR Solution In Education

Collabration with Corporates and other Social organizations or Implementing Agency to reach out to a larger population for Providing quality teaching aids to improve traditional teaching methods & to ensure sustainability of the project All our Sceince models are branded with Sponsors logo which help in brand recognition Sponsoring Science lab is the BEST measure to advance education system through CSR Joining hands in our first step towards uplifting education quality and empowering future.

  • Benefits for Schools
  • Own In-house Laboratory
  • Empower Teachers with effective tools
  • Saves 80% of time on Theory lectures
  • Quality Education goes up
  • School Ranking and Student Score Improves
  • Improves Institutional preference
  • Provides Practical Approach towards study
  • Benefits for Teachers:
  • Facilitates the transition of chalk& talk to Student centric mode
  • Can Support slow learners in the class better
  • Helps in closer binding with students