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Spirochem Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, is a Social Enterprises engaged in offering products and services in the field of Science Education and Health care Products through STEM Education and developing Food Fortification Premixes for fighting Malnutrition.



"MASTER EduCreation" is a part of "Spirochem Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, engaged in offering effective Learning Solution to Children, Students and Education Institute through it's STEM / STEAM Education and Learning Equipments and concepts . STEM Learning is effective Learning concept followed in developed countries.

STEM / STEAM Base Education and Learning helps children progress from one level to another in a friendlier interactive atmosphere. Learning is essential to the social, political and economic development of any nation, so effective teaching is very essential.

We started "MASTER EduCreation" with the main motive that to adapt with global changes and challenges and emerge with quality education which will uplift the standard of students so as to meet the market requirements of becoming employable and developing entrepreneurship.

Why MASTER.. ??

Spirochem Lifesciences is Inventing, Manufacturing ,Marketing Concepts in Science and Maths for students from Standards 1st to 10th as per the Boards(State, Central, International) and as per Medium of Instructions (Hindi, English, Reginoal Language).

Our Primary Objective is To ignite scientific interest in children with the aim to alleviate their positive curiosity, creativity, innovation, scientific applicability and adaptability and flourish in the scientific career.

MASTER Focuses on a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

MASTER Interactive Science lab offers More than 120 Science Study Models help in enhancing and developing the experimental thinking & Scientific skills of young brains.

Activities of Spirochem Lifesciences in the filed of Education is exelerating the transformation in the education system based on NCRT / NCF Guidelines of Govt. of India for Education and hence, activity itself is CSR solution in Education and STEM learning.

MASTER is associated with schools and Government institutions, Social Organizations for Science labs and also conducts science activities for under-privileged community students and schools through CSR funding in Corporate sector.

MASTER Transforming Education:


Remembrance after 2 werk


Adding Value to Education


Fun and Curitocity in Education


Teaching time reduction


Product Categoty

Our products are panacea to various issues faced by teachers in explaining STEM concept to Students on the bsasis of Theory and its based on Theory to Practical base learning models. Our product category includes various packages in following:

MASTER Interactive Science Lab

  • Master Interactive Lab consist of 120+ Study Models with Backdrops and User Manuals, Teacher Training, Evaluation and Maintanance,
  • and many more...!
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MASTER DIY Kits for Students- As per Std.

  • Our DIY Kits customised as per Standards allows students to come up with new ideas, and bring out your creative streak.
  • Experimenting with DIY exercises your brain, and acquiring additional knowledge will keep you moving forward in future.
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Women & Child Malnutrition products

  • In 2012, Save the Children reported that 1.83 million Indian children die every year before they turn five and malnutrition is the key reason for the deaths.
  • With Main motive - Step towards fighting malnutrition and the fight against “hidden hunger”….We are enriching the Food with micronutrients and vitamins, aims to reduce the number of people with dietary deficiencies within a population.
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MASTER Interactive Science Lab
MASTER Interactive Science Lab
MASTER Interactive Science Lab
MASTER Interactive Science Lab
MASTER Interactive Science Lab
MASTER Interactive Science Lab

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