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"MASTER Interactive Sciences" is engaged in offering effective Learning Solution to Children, Students and Education Institute through it's STEM / STEAM Education and Learning Equipments and concepts. STEM / STEAM Base Education and Learning helps children progress from one level to another in a friendlier interactive atmosphere.

We started "MASTER Interactive Sciences" with the main motive that to adapt with global changes and challenges and emerge with quality education which will uplift the standard of students so as to meet the market requirements of becoming employable and developing entrepreneurship.

We are committed towards improving quality of education in primary and secondary schools by using Interactive learning approach. While 'digital' learning is quite pervasive, one also needs to acquire skills to think and apply it with one's hands. We offer Practical learning approach to Engage young minds. We believe in the power of Practical learning to redefine our future

We Offers DIY (DO it Yourself ) Kits to children and Interactive Science lab to Schools and Instituions. It teaches innovative skills to students such as computational thinking, problem-solving skills, Creative thinking, logical reasoning, better decision making, and good observation power MASTER is engaged with several schools and Government institutions for such Science labs and learning programs. It also conducts science activities for under-privileged students and schools through CSR funding of corporate sector.

MASTER Interactive Sciences, is a Reliable (CSR) Coprorate Social Responsibility Management company for Practical Base Educational Concepts, Education through Interactive Science Lab, DIY Kits, Exploratory Science Kits and in the field of Malnutrition through Food and Nutraceutical Premixes for Undernurish and underprevilaged society.


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We are strongly committed to deliver the Quality, what we talk about and we feel proud when our customer smiles with Happiness and appreciate the Concepts, Tools and Services, we deliver. Here are some feedbacks from few of the proud customers and partners

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Mr. I.P. Pal
School Principal-NMMC School, Navi Mumbai

MASTER Science and maths Equipments are related to syllabus thus this will help to improve score in exams . Such Working study models will help to clear difficult science concpet in easy way and will help to memorise each concepts easily for long time. These equipments working ignite scientific interest in students.

Mr. Balaji Shinde

"MASTER Interactive Sciences" has provided Practical Learning approach. This will enable students to develop skills such as problem solving, encourge Experimentation,scientific thinking, creativity and innovation. Excellent equipments with great design and easy to use equipment. Thanks to Spirochem for their support with concepts.

Mr. Nitesh Jadhav
Teacher- Nutan Vidyalaya- Chiplun

MASTER Interactive Science lab is really helpfull in Empowering Teachers and Students with its Innovative and Interactive Models and Lab Set-up. This setup is really helpful to teachers to train difficult bookish concepts in friendly manner and I am sure, this will create next line of Innovators.

Ms. Madhuri Magar
School Principal,Thane.

I really Appreciate the effort "MASTER Interactive Sciences" team is taking to develop these study models. All Science and maths models are Easy to demonstrate and also provide hands on Experience to students to impove score, this will help students to score better in exams and also support in career development.

Mr. Bhaskar R. Kadam
Principal, R.C. Kale Vidyalaya- Chiplun

In the Era of Science, it is important to ingite the interest of Science and Technology to create future Innovators and where MASTER Interactive Science Lab will definitely help our students to gain interest in understanding difficult concepts of Science through "MASTER Interactive Sciences" Tools.